Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Warren Jeffs Walks Free

Utah, Utah... what ARE we going to do with you?

Well, the Utah Supreme Court has done it again. Warren Jeffs, supposed prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (that's a mouthful) and one of the FBI's 10 Most Wanted, has gotten off scotch-free on charges of rape as an accomplice. These charges came about as he forced young girls into marriages they wished not to enter -- consequently, they were then raped by their "husbands." That makes Jeffs a co-conspirator, does it not?

It's like hiring a hitman, really.

But the Utah Supreme Court is apparently pro-rape and pro-abuse, which is the only explanation I can conjure up for this decision they've made. Interestingly enough, I don't recall this being on ANY election platform. I'm kind of curious if, when it's time to elect new government representatives, Utah residents will be bombarded with commercials of rape pride slogans, like "Cousin lovin', Vote McGluvin!" or, "Long live abusive men! Vote Smith 2010!"

There isn't a single feminist in the house that frowns upon polygamy, so long as all parties involved entire the union of their own freewill. But this is just insanity. These young girls, like many others, do not know the meaning of justice, as it has never been served. Convictions are hardly ever made in cases like these, and the cycle of abuse continues as a consequence.

I don't know about you, but when I imagine a thirteen year-old girl, I imagine a girl who is scribbling in a notebook about her first crush, trying on makeup for the first time, starting her menstrual cycle and laughing happily as she walks hand-in-hand with her girlfriends to 7-11. What I cannot wrap my head around is a young girl as a a dutiful housewife, forced to open her legs and crying out for anyone to stop the pain that she's in. That isn't just confusing for a young girl -- it's traumatic. The court system, which is supposed to protect us, is failing these young girls, and allowing these crimes to happen again and again.

It is evident that the court is biased, as many of them are Mormon themselves, and favor patriarchal marriage. Whatever happened to "justice is blind," I don't know. Maybe they took off the blindfold or got Lasik surgery. Whatever the reason is, the public -- Mormons included -- should be outraged at this decision. A guilty man is walking, and until we voice our anger, crimes like this will continue to be commit.

In a state where RAPE isn't illegal, it makes you wonder what is.

Image courtesy of... *vomit* Fox News. I feel like this isn't ethical.

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